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The First Walmart Reimbursement Tool

Never miss a single refund! We file and monitor claims on your behalf while you focus on the business

Why Choose Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) for Your Fulfillment Needs

Proven Results

WFS has been proven to increase sales conversion rates for brands that use their services. On average, sellers see a 50% lift in sales when switching to WFS.

Streamlined Logistics

By outsourcing your fulfillment to WFS, you don't have to handle the logistics of shipping and inventory management, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

Cost Savings

WFS offers competitive pricing and reduced shipping rates, helping you save money on fulfillment.

How do we work?


We know how hard it is to keep up with the day-to-day challenges of running a business, the last thing you need is another distraction. Let us do all of the leg work in investigating and opening claims.

No upfront cost

No monthly membership fees, no expensive software to buy, and zero risk - that's our promise. We only take a commission from the payment you get from Walmart.

Safe & Compliant

While we use tools to help us find out what you're owed, all claims are made manually by experienced auditors. This is in-line with Walmart's policies to ensure your account's wellbeing.

The 3-Step Process




Sync your Walmart account with Refund Stacker
We find opportunities for reimbursement
A dedicated auditor submits and handles your claims

After you sign up, just link your Walmart Seller Center account to our reimbursement platform. We will take care of the rest.

Refund Stacker looks for a wide variety of errors such as customer return issues, damaged items, incorrect fees, and more.

After our team has found and verified an error, we open a claim with Walmart based on our years of selling experience

What may Walmart owe you?

Inbound WFS shipment

Has there been any discrepancy between the number of items you shipped and what Walmart reported receiving? Our auditors will review the details.

Lost and Misplaced

Mistakes happen during shipping, but you shouldn't be on the hook for them. Receive compensation for your lost products.


Merchandise that is accidentally damaged or thrown away    without your permission is eligible for reimbursement.


Getting charged for the wrong product weight and dimensions can cost you a huge amount in extra fees.

Return and Refund Disputes

Not all customer refunds and returns are legitimate. We will dispute those with issues such as missing return orders.


Discrepancies in inventory adjustments or removals can result in losses. Make sure that you're properly reimbursed.


Sometimes the numbers just don't add up. We'll determine if you've been overcharged due to category errors or other factors.


See What Walmart Reimbursements You're Entitled To

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Refund Stacker Can
Help You Save Money
and Time

The Only Walmart Reimbursement Solution

Why Choose Us?

Refund Stacker uses a two-way approach when processing your reimbursement claims. Our proprietary software helps us find issues, and then our experienced team of account auditors will open the cases and communicate with Walmart for you. As experienced sellers ourselves, we know exactly what works and what doesn't. You only pay if we're successful!​​
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